Baked Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

CW 1Chicken wings has all along been one of my favourite finger foods. There are so many different ways to prepare them. Just sharing one of the methods which I have experimented with. If done correctly, the meat will just slip off the bone. Hope you like it and feel free to share with me your favourite chicken wing recipe too!



1) Chicken Wings (8-10 pieces)

2) Light Soy Sauce

3) Oyster Sauce

4) Pepper

5) Sesame Oil


1) Wash and clean the wings and remove any leftover feathers.


2) Use a fork to poke holes in the chicken wings, this allows the marinade to seep into the meat for more flavour.

CW3a (2)

3) Add in about 2 teaspoons of pepper & 1 tblspoon of sesame oil.


4) Add in about 2 tblspoon of oyster sauce & 1 tblspoon of light soy sauce.


5) Give it a good mix coating the marinade all over the chicken wings.


6) Once done, place the wings skin side up in the fridge for 2-3 hours.


7)  After 2-3 hours, preheat oven for 10 mins at 200 deg C/ 395 deg F.  Arrange the wings on a baking tray.


8) Bake using upper and lower heating mode for about 20-25 mins.


9)  Check and flip the wings over and bake till skin is golden brown. Serve and dig in!

CW 1Presenting my Baked Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

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