Beer Battered Button Mushrooms

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Beer is a popular ingredient used in batter to coat food before frying mainly because the bubbles in the beer aerate the batter by adding body and lightness to it. Combining with white button mushrooms, each bite is a burst of flavour which simply explodes in your mouth. A simple and easy appetizer to prepare at home.

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Ingredients (Serves 1-2)

1) White button Mushrooms (200 gms)

2) Seasoned flour / plain flour (1 cup)

3) Beer (1 cup of your preferred brand)

4) Salt & pepper

5) Garlic powder (2 teaspoons)

6) Parsley flakes (For garnishing)

7) 1 egg yolk (Missing in the picture)

8) Accompanying sauces (Your choice)



1) Use a paper tower to clean the mushrooms

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2) Use scissors to cut about 1/4 of the stem of the mushroom

Beer Battered Mushrooms 3






3) Depending on the size of the mushrooms, you can choose to use them whole or cut up into bite sized pieces. For this recipe, I’ve cut them into quarters.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 4






4) Pour flour into a mixing bowl.

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5) Add the garlic powder. If you are using plain flour, add some salt and pepper as well.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 7






6) Add the cup of beer. The ratio of flour and beer is about 1:1.

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7) Separate an egg yolk from the white and add the egg yolk into the beer mixture.

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8) Whisk the beer mixture thoroughly.

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9) Pour the beer mixture into the flour and whisk thoroughly until a smooth consistency.

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10) Ensure that the mixture is not too thin else the batter cannot hold. You can adjust by adding more flour or beer accordingly.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 14






11) Heat up some oil in the pot over medium heat. You can drop a tiny bit of batter into the oil, it is ready when it starts sizzling.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 15






12) Coat the mushrooms thoroughly and gently lower them into the oil.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 16Beer Battered Mushrooms 17






13) Try not to crowd the mushrooms, it is better to cook them in different batches.

Beer Battered Mushrooms 18






14) Once they turn golden brown, remove and strain on a paper towel. Add desired salt/pepper or parsley flakes. Serve immediately with desired sauces. For this recipe, I used ranch sauce.

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Presenting my Beer Battered Button Mushrooms !

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    1. Hi Eddy, Nope I haven’t experimented with other type of beer so far. But I’m game to try just to see how it will turn out.


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