Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

EB 1 editedFantastic breakfast which takes 45 mins to prepare and gets gobbled up in 3 mins. Personally the difficult part is preparing the hollandaise sauce as well as getting the perfect poached eggs. My poached eggs didn’t turn out as runny as I wanted. Practice makes perfect !


EB 2

1. Bread

2. 4 Eggs

3. Bacon Strips

4. 4-5 tblspoons of clarified butter

5. 1 tblspoon of lemon juice

6. Salt & Pepper

7. Parsley Flakes

8. Hot & Cold water


Preparing the Hollandaise Sauce

1) Simmer some water in a pot under medium heat.

EB 3

2) Place a bowl in the pot without the base touching the water. This is called double boiling. You are just using the steam to warm the glass bowl.

EB 4

3) Add in 2 eggs in the bowl and start whisking for about 1-2 mins.

EB 6

4) Add in 1 tbsp of cold water. The trick here is to prevent the eggs from curdling.

EB 7

5) Whisk together until the egg mixture thickens slightly.

EB 8

6) Add in about 1 tbsp of lemon juice.

EB 9

7) Here comes the tricky part. Slowly add in the clarified butter. A few drops in the beginning and keep whisking for emulsion to take place. You need to watch the heat as well. Too high a heat and mixture will start to curdle. I had to turn the fire on and off to control the heat.

EB 10

8) Once you add in all the clarified butter, add in the a bit more lemon juice. If the sauce gets too thick, add in a bit of hot water and whisk.

EB 11

9) Once the sauce has a smooth consistency, add in the desired amount of salt required. Set aside the Hollandaise Sauce and keep it warm and whisk occasionally.

EB 12

Preparing the Bacon

10) Pan sear some streaky bacon under medium heat. Once done set aside.

EB 13EB 14

Preparing the poached eggs

11) This portion is for the poached eggs. Simmer some water and add in a dash of vinegar. This is to prevent dispersion of the egg white. I stirred the water to create a vortex before i cracked the egg in also to prevent dispersion of the egg whites.

EB 15

12) Cooking time is about 2.5 mins if the eggs are at room temperature or about 3 mins if taken out from the fridge. But this is just a general guide. Variables such as size of eggs also plays a part.

EB 16

13) Cooking the perfect poached egg requires practice. My poached egg didn’t turn out as runny as I’d wanted. Will need more practice : )

EB 17

Preparing the toast

14) Toast some bread in the oven.

EB 18

15) Once your bread is ready, plate your bacon strips.

EB 19

16) Followed by the poached eggs. Spoon the Hollandaise sauce and add some parsley flakes. Add salt & pepper to taste.

EB 20

EB 1 edited

Presenting my Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

Thanks for viewing.

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