Foie Gras on Gashouse Egg Toast

FG 15 editedFoie gras is fattened goose liver and a delicacy in French cuisine. Its taste is buttery and simply melts in your mouth. You can buy them whole or as pâté. It can be intimidating cooking foie gras for the first time as it’s so delicate and can easily tear or crumble and you keep worrying about destroying this expensive little piece of liver. Paired the foie gras with a gashouse egg toast and some lumpfish caviar for a simple appetizer. Bon Appétit!

On a side note, gashouse egg, also known by many other names— is an egg fried in a hole of a slice of bread. Variant names for the dish include “toad in the hole”, “eggs in the basket”, “a hole in one” and “spit in the ocean”.

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Ingredients (Serves 1-2)

1) Foie gras (about 2 inch thickness)

2) 1 slice of white bread

3) Lumpfish caviar (1 teaspoon)

4) Unagi sweet sauce (1 teaspoon)

5) 1 egg

6) Butter (Just enough to coat the bottom of your skillet)

7) Baby spinach (For garnishing)

8) Salt & pepper



1) Place the bread on a chopping board or hard surface.

FG 2






2) Invert a glass and cut a hole out of the centre of the bread. You can keep the ‘hat’ of the cut out bread for dipping into egg later.

FG 3






3) Melt butter in skillet over medium heat.

FG 4






4) Pan-toast the bread about 2 mins until brown, then flip over.

FG 6






5) Crack egg into the hole and cook about 2-3 mins until the egg has set.

FG 7






6) Use a scissors and cut away excess egg and set aside.

FG 8






7) Season the foie gras with salt and pepper on both sides.

FG 9






8) Sear them for about 1-2 min each side till the surface is charred then remove from heat. No need to add any oil, the foie gras will render its own oil.

FG 10






9) The idea is to char both surfaces leaving the centre of the foie gras creamy. Do not cook too long otherwise your foie gras will melt away.

FG 11






10) Carefully remove the foie gras and plate on top of the Gashouse egg toast. Add the baby spinach.

FG 12






11) Spoon the unagi sauce on the foie gras.

FG 14






12) Spoon the caviar over the foie gras gashouse egg toast and serve immediately.

FG 13







FG 15 edited

Presenting my Foie Gras on Gashouse Egg Toast.

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