Oven Grilled Ebi Mentaiyaki (King Prawn with Pollock Roe)

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The word “Ebi” basically means shrimp, prawn or lobster in Japanese. This dish is common in Japanese restaurants and usually topped with Mentaiko 明太子 (Marinated Pollock Roe) and blow-torched to perfection. Blowtorching is a technique used in cooking to sear food quickly. I have prepared this dish using king tiger prawns as they are generally larger and have moist medium firm flesh with a rich flavour. Hope you enjoy my humble attempt in re-creating this dish at home.

EB 1

Ingredients (Serves 2-3)

1) 5 King Tiger Prawns

2) Japanese Mayonnaise (3 tblspoons)

3) Japanese Mentaiko Sauce (3 tblspoons)

4) Emmental Cheese (4 tblspoons)

5) Parsley Flakes (1 tblspoon)

6) Melted Butter (2 tblspoons)

You will also need a blowtorch for melting the cheese and searing the mentaiko sauce.


1) Wash the prawns thoroughly under running water.

EB 2






2) Using a scissors, cut the shell at the back of the prawn in the centre. Do not cut the meat at this point of time, cut only the shell.

EB 3






3) Using a sharp knife, slice through the meat but do not cut through the bottom of the shell.

EB 4






4) You should be able to see the vein exposed. Use a toothpick to remove it.

EB 5EB 6






5) Once the prawns are ready, set them aside.

EB 7






6) Melt some butter in a dish.

EB 13






7) Using a brush, coat evenly on the prawns.

EB 14EB 15






8) Pre-heat oven and grill at 190 degrees celcius for 10 mins and place prawns in for 15 mins.

EB 16






9) While waiting for the prawns to cook, add japanese mayonnaise to a cup.

EB 8EB 9






10) Add in the Mentaiko sauce to the mayonnaise and mix evenly

EB 10EB 12






11) Once the prawns turn red, remove from oven and allow to cool for 3 mins.

EB 17






12 ) Spread the cheese evenly on the prawn.

EB 19EB 20






13) Using the blowtorch, sear and melt the cheese. Sweep the tip of the flame back and forth the surface of the meat with quick and even strokes.

EB 21






14) Spoon the mentaiko paste on the prawn.

EB 22EB 23






15) Another round of blowtorching till the mentaiko paste is slightly browned. Add parsley flakes and serve immediately.

EB 24






EB 25 edited

Presenting my Oven Grilled Ebi Mentaiyaki.

Thanks for viewing !

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